In order to allow online students time to review course material from the introductory weekend, the starting date for the online lecture series has been pushed back one week. The online class are now scheduled to begin on 4/8/13. To compensate for this an additional lecture has been added on 1/13/15. To view a full schedule of these changes please click here.

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This year, European on-site classes will be held in two 6-day retreats on the Island of Ibiza, Spain. The dates for these retreats are June 22nd-27th and September 7th-14th. The on-site classes are supplemented by 26-lectures given via an online classroom. This course is identical to the current U.S. 1-year certificate training except for the timing and location of the on-site retreats. For further information and registration, please visit the European Xinglin Institute site at Space for these retreats is limited and are available on a first-come basis.

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woodreedBeginning at the end of March 2014, the Xinglin Institute for Early East Asian Medical Research and Scholarship in collaboration with the Academy for Oriental Medicine at Austin (AOMA) will offer a one-year certificate training program in Neijing clinical medicine and classical acupuncture, presented by Dr. Edward Neal, MD. The training consists of a year-long series of online lectures and four on-site clinical training practicums held at the AOMA campus in Austin, Texas.

The curriculum for the class is based on previous versions of the Introduction to Neijing Studies class but has been extended to allow more time to explore targeted topics of jingluo (channel and vessel) theory, increase time for classical text reading and offer more hands-on clinical experience. The course is taught directly from extensive translations provided by the course instructor. No prior knowledge of Chinese language is required.



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