Dr. Neal has been taking a sabbatical from electronic media for the past several months to write, translate and develop new curricula. The next Neijing Studies class will begin in September 2015. More information about this class should be available by early May.

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The recent series of articles on Neijing Acupuncture by Dr. Edward Neal are now available for download.

JCM Article #1
JCM Article #2
JCM Article #3
JCM Interview


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July 20 – Fine calm morning; air tense and clear; Screenshot 2014-05-16 23.15.28not the slightest breeze astir; everything shining, the rocks with wet crystals, the plants with dew, each receiving its portion of irised dewdrops and sunshine like living creatures receiving their breakfast, their dew manna coming down from the starry sky like swarms of smaller stars.

How wondrous fine are the particles in showers of dew, thousands required for a single drop, growing in the dark as silently as grass! What pains are taken to keep this wilderness in health – showers of snow, showers of rain, showers of dew, floods of light, floods of invisible vapor, clouds, winds, all sorts of weather, interaction of plant on plant, animal on animal, etc. – beyond thought.

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